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Gulab Bagh

Gulab Bagh is a venture of Space Hotels & Restaurants private limited and positioned as one of the newly opened hotel which could be a learning curve for all the visitors who stay with us. We are located at Surajpole circle which is at walking distance from bus stand, 1.5 kms from railway station and having all the shopping areas and transport facilities within reach.

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Dudh Talai is a one of the most beautiful place in City udaipur. Dudh Talai is another tourist attraction of City Udaipur. Dudh Talai is a small lake that adores the south-east direction of Pichola Lake. Located in the southern side of Shiv Niwas Palace, the stream adds to the picturesque triangle with Pichola on one side, Dudh Talai on the second and M.L Verma Garden on the third. The Manikya Lal Verma Garden built on Machala Magra hill near Dudh Talai pond is a paradigm of contemporary architectural art. Stroll the garden, take in a panoramic view of Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir, Lake Palace and City Palace. Climb up Machala Magra and you will find a Karni Mata temple with a white stone idol of the goddess inside it.

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Pichola Lake

Pichola Lake is one of the most beautiful and picturesque lakes of Rajasthan, India. Located in the heart of the city, Pichola Lake is the oldest and one of the largest lakes of Udaipur. In 1362, the beautiful lake was built by Pichhu Banjara during the ruling period of Maharana Lakha is extended to 3 miles in length, 2 miles in width and has depth of 30 feet.

The Space Group  Udaipur City Palace

City Palace

City Palace is the largest palace in Rajasthan, located on the eastern shore of Lake Pichola, it is a massive fortified structure, presenting an amazing blend of Rajasthani and Mughul architecture covering an area of 5 acres. The Facade of the Palace resembles a fortress. The halls and courtyards of the Palace older section are linked by narrow passages and steep stair cases. The Tripolia gate and the Ganesh Deorhi gate are the major gates of the City Palace.

The Space Group  Fatehsagar Udaipur

Fateh Sagar

Fateh Sagar Lake is the second artificial lake of Udaipur, the first being Jaisamand Lake. Located in the north of Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake lies just besides the entrance to Moti Magri Hill. Built in 1678 by Maharana Jai Singh, Fateh Sagar Lake got its name from Maharana Fateh Singh, who later made additions to it. The lake extends to the length of 2.4 km, 1.6 km. in width and deep to the extent of 11.5 meter. During the monsoons, the lake covers the total area of around 1 sq km.

The Space Group  Jagdeesh Mandir

Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Temple is one of the famous temples of Udaipur made in Indo-Aryan style of architecture in the year 1651, was built by Maharana Jagat Singh, who ruled Udaipur during 1628-53. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Laxmi Narayan), the preserver of the Universe. It is celebrated for being the largest temple in the city of Udaipur. The gateway of this temple can be sited at a distance of 150 meters from the Bara Pol of the City Palace.

The Space Group  Udaipur City Palace

Nehru Park

Nehru Park (Fatehsagar Lake) Thirty years ago, as a famine relief work, a 2000 S ft. peripherial wall was raised to enclose an area of 5 acre around an island to construct a water palace in the Fatehsagar Lake. But the construction was abandoned as soon as the famine conditions were over, and the 5 acre walled islet was left neglected to turn, during the last 30 years, into a mysterious haunt of thorny trees and shrubs, raptiles, swamp and stink. The State government has recently converted this one time a dreadful island into a beautiful park dedicated to the memory of the late Prime Minister Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru.

The Space Group  Monsoon Palace Udaipur

Sajjangarh (Monsoon Palace)

A former Monsoon Palace 1100 ft. high above the surrounding and 3100 ft. from sea level was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh in 1884. The palace looks its best during the rainy season. It offers a panoramic overview of the city lakes, palaces and surrounding. The hillside is thickly wooded and the former rulers
maintained this as a royal shooting preserve.

The Space Group  Cénotaphes Ahar Udaipur


Ahar is a small town in the Udaipur district of Rajasthan. The place is famous for being the cremation ground of the rulers of Mewar. Today, Ahar is also renowned as an archeological site that offers interesting facts to archaeologists and research scholars. Ahar is famous for the cenotaphs of the Royal rulers and an archeological museum. Ahar is located at a comfortable distance of 3 kms from the city of Udaipur. You can take regular buses from the city or can reach Ahar by hiring private taxis.

The Space Group  Udaipur City Palace

Sukhadia Circle

Sukhadia Circle, also known as Sukhadia square is a popular landmark in Udaipur and provides a beautiful view with the illumination of lights. This square, opened in 1970, has a magnificent three tiered fountain in the center and a structure representing the prosperity. This place is used as an evening relaxation place with beautiful gardens and a nice pond.

The Space Group  India-Eklingji


The temple is situated 20km from Udaipur Eklingji is famous for its 108 temples complex. Built on a shore of a small lake surrounded by hills it is also known as Kailashpuri or the abode of Shiva. Eklingji is built on the shore of a small lake bounded by the surrounding hills. A religious place from every angle it is also well known as Kailashpuri or the abode of Shiva, the family deity of the ruling Mewar dynasty. Even today the maharana of Udaipur visits this marble temple every Monday. The Lord is regarded as the real ruler of the state who functions through his representative on earth, the Maharana of Udaipur.


The Space Group  NathDwara


Located on the banks of the Banas River and having a distance of 48 from Udaipur in Rajasthan, Nathdwara the Gate of the Lord is visited most frequently by Hindu pilgrims. This pilgrimage site is very popular for enshrining the image of lord Krishna. On a tour to religious places in Rajasthan you must come to Nathdwara to visit one such famous shrine called Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara.